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David Ogg received the MEMBER OF THE YEAR award from the Indian River Chamber of Commerce.  Dennis Burwell was named the CITIZEN OF THE YEAR by the Chamber.  David received the award for the work he did relating to the upgrade of the Topinabee Park.  David wrote the grant for the $200,00 + that Mullett Township received.  The Township asked David to serve as construction manager of the project.  David spent three years bringing the park to completion.  The park is something the entire Mullett Township community can be very proud.  And it was all made possible by Davids hard work.  Dennis Burwell received his award for his efforts and leadership leading the fundraising for the Indian River Veterans Pier project. 





Over 100 old cars will be stopped in Topinabee on August 24th.  This is part of the groups yearly tour of Michigan.  The take the tour to enjoy the companionship of fellow restorers and display their interests to the public.  They stopped for lunch at the Topinabee Park that was catered by Jeff at the Topinabee Market.  



The Mullett Lake Area Preservation Society has worked with the DNR, Sault Tribe and area business to try to improve fishing in Mullett Lake.  MAPS has contributed $30,000 to drive the planting of fish in the lake.  Over the past three years, over 650,000 walleye fingerlings, and 1500 6-8 inch walleyes have been planted in the lake.  This summer over 7000 sturgeon fingerlings were planted in the Pigeon River, a tributary of Mullett Lake. More sturgeon will be planted in Mullett Lake this fall.  Michigan State University and the DNR have been engaged in a study of success of these plantings.  Fishermen are asked to return the “guts” of walleye catches to the DNR to assist with this study.  Better fishing should be in the future for Mullett Lake.



A large turnout came to the Topinabee Beach Park for the dedication of the upgraded park.  The park was financed by the Mullett Township Board, a grant from the  DNR Trust Board and fund raised by local citizens.  David Ogg worked with the Board to write a grant for the park and he was appointed by the Board to oversee construction of the project. 



Did you know…about my neighborhood?

My home is located at 1466 Patterson.  On May 25, 1885, Mary and Oscar Adams purchased the property from Robert Patterson for $50.  It’s interesting to note the property faced Adams Avenue which is now US 27.  Oscar Adams was an attorney originally from Flint, MI.  He moved his firm to Cheboygan and in 1894 was elected Cheboygan Circuit Judge, a position he held for 6 years.  During that time he made Topinabee his permanent home.  Mary and Oscar Adams lived in the home until   1916 when it was purchased by Sylvia and Sherman Callender.  They owned the home until 1959 – 43 years!  Lera and Fred Slater were the owners from 1959 until 1964, then Eleanor and Richard Spencer called it “home” until 1979.  (We’re getting close to me!)  In 1979, the home was purchased by Elaine and Thomas O’Hare.  Mr. O’Hare was a carpenter and he and his family lived in Bay City.  They purchased the home for weekend getaways for themselves and their 6 children, and later…grandchildren.  For the next 32 years, all the O’Hares enjoyed the home.  Three of the children now have Topinabee homes, Mary and Tom O’Hare and Mary Jan and Gary Miller make Topinabee their permanent home, and their sister, Mary Jo Smith and her family own the blue home down the hill and come for summer getaways!  Topinabee really gets into your blood!  So in 2011, I bought the home.  The footprint of the home has remained the same over these many years but the inside has changed.  If you’d like to see the inside and a few early photos of the home, be sure and purchase a ticket for the Christmas Home Tour on December 8.  I’ll show you around!    

 One of my neighbors across the street has quite a history too.

 The Topinabee Community Church was originally built in 1917.  The “little white church on the hill” was organized as a Methodist Church and at its’ beginning was the only church located on the west side of Mullett Lake.  Eventually, Topinabee began to lose some of its’ early tourist population and fewer and fewer members were true Methodists.  So in 1947, the church was reorganized as an Independent inter-denominational organization of Christians.  Methodist Church officials actually allowed the church to be sold, and the faithful church body purchased the building for $1800.  The sanctuary was expanded and classrooms added.  The church continues today as a result of a caring congregation of fewer than 100 regular members.  One of my favorite things about the church is the church bell.  Listen for it on Sunday mornings.   




Topinabee is the home of two authors who have published many books  Chris Wright, alias Johnathan Rand, has over 80 books to his credit and  Debra Chapoton has also published several books.  Check out their websites listed below.

Debra Chapoton is a former high school teacher who fell in love with a hundred different teenagers every year. She writes children’s and young adult novels relying on her teaching experiences for inspiration and authenticity. Her YA novel, EDGE OF ESCAPE, was first self-published and then bought by a major international publisher. It is a story of physical and psychological survival in which stalking and obsession get a sympathetic twist. In her most recent novel, SHELTERED, five troubled teens confront demonic forces and must deal with their problems in distinctly different ways.

She currently lives with her husband in a log home set in the middle of a climax forest. Like many of the teens she taught, her neighbors are all wild.

Chris Wright has authored more than 80 books since the year 2000, with over 4 million copies in print. Under the pen name Johnathan Rand, his books include the incredibly popular AMERICAN CHILLERS, MICHIGAN CHILLERS, FREDDIE FERNORTNER, FEARLESS FIRST GRADER, and THE ADVENTURE CLUB. Wright also writes fiction for adults under the pen name Christopher Knight, including Bestseller, Season of the Witch, St. Helena, Ferocity, The Laurentian Channel, The World is Black and White, and others. When not traveling, Wright lives in Topinabee, Michigan with his wife and three dogs. He is also the only author in the world to own a store that sells only his works: CHILLERMANIA! is located in Indian River, Michigan and is open year round. Visit for more information.













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